SKY Glue For Eyelash Extension



SKY Glue For Eyelash Extension


 SKY Glue For Eyelash Extension In Korea In 5ml Black, Red, And Blue Caps Of Beauty And Health Lava Lash Shop Makeup Tools Adhesive

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The new packaging will be fully mandatory replacement starting in October



10 Bottles SKY Glue For Eyelash Extension Korea Original 5ml Black Red Blue Cap Beauty Health Lash Shop Makeup Tools Adhesive With Sealed Bags —- 10 Bottles

【Type】SKY S+


【Drying time】1-2 seconds

【Lasting time】 6-7 weeks

【Color】 Black

【Package】With Sealed Bags


♥Unopened glue period of six months

♥Two months after opening the bottle.

♥The best storage temperature is 4-20 degrees Celsius,

♥The best storage humidity is 45% -75% RH.

♥The best operating temperature is 23-26 degrees Celsius.

♥Store in a cool, dry place or in a refrigerator.

♥Shake for 5 minutes before use

♥Keep the glue caps super tight between uses.

♥For professional use only for eyelash extension.

♥It is best not to use the first drop of glue.

Second hand packing

New packing


【Can I customize a private logo?】

Yes,we are professional for private label,minimum order quantity is only 10 bottles,may I know your whatsapp or email,then our salesman will contact your for detailed information.

【Can Dorpshipping?】


【Is the product original?】

Yes, Korean.

【Is there a sealed bag?】

Yes, each product has a sealed bag.

【Can I provide MSDS certification? 】

Yes please provide e-mail.

【Can you provide a commercial invoice? 】

Yes please provide e-mail.


1- Keep out of reach of children

2- Fill in the correct address, phone, zip code and recipient name when submitting the order. The address information cannot be modified after the package is sent.

3- Because glue is liquid, not all shipping channels accept it. The seller will choose a secure shipping method.

4- If you do not receive the package within 30 days, please contact the seller in time.



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Mainland China

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Eyelash Glue

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