Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200g For Hydration



Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200g For Hydration


Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200g For Hydration And Aloe Gel For Soothing And Repairing Sensitive Skin, After Sun With Repairing Skin Care Product

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ALODERMA Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200g Hydration Aloe Gel For Soothing Repair Sensitive Skin,After Sun Repairing Skin Care Product

Shelf Life: 3 Years.
200g: Expiration date is printed on the packaging.
30ml: Production date is printed on the packaging.


The leaves of an Aloe Vera plant are packed with nutrients, active amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes making it perfect for everyday use. Pure Aloe Vera Gel delivers the benefits of Aloe Vera in its natural state to moisturize, nourish, soothe, and improve overall skin elasticity while infusing with natural nutrients. Pure Aloe Vera Gel is a natural first step in skin care.


At Aloderma, our skincare is rooted in the earth. We control all aspects on our organic farms from when Aloe goes in the ground to when it is harvested to ensure we grow the happiest and most biologically active plants possible. Our Aloe is processed and turned into final products within hours of leaving the fields to ensure that we capture the highest levels of the 230 natural nutrients found in Aloe Vera.


Suitable for all skin types, use our Aloderma Pure Aloe Vera Gel for everyday use or to help hydrate and soothe your skin after sun exposure. Evenly apply and gently massage into the skin each morning or throughout the day. If you want to try it as a hydrating mask at night, just simply leave on skin and allow to absorb.


At Aloderma, we are committed to bringing you quality products without damaging the environment. Both vegan and cruelty-free, our Pure Aloe Vera Gel is made using SATT proprietary technology and does not contain Aloe powder concentrate, alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, GMOs, hormones, or sulfates.


ALODERMA is an eco-friendly company.

We are committed to minimizing ecological and environmental impacts while striving to create amazing skin and beauty products.

With fresh Aloe Vera, respect for nature, end proprietary tech no logy, Aloderma delivers high quality products for your skin.


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One Unit

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Aloe Vera

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gel 200g+Toner 30ml



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Mainland China

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3 years

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After Sun Lotion

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