New GPS 8K Drone Camera



New GPS 8K Drone Camera


 New GPS 8K Drone Camera With Height Folding  Settings And Radio-controlled Aircraft Intelligent And Obstacle Avoidance Mechanism

DUAL CAMERASingle camera
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• Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance :The drone is equipped with intelligent obstacle avoidance technology that allows it to navigate safely around obstacles and avoid collisions.


• Folding Height Setting :The drone’s height setting can be adjusted to fold, making it easy to transport and store.


• 8K Resolution Camera :The drone comes with an 8K resolution camera that captures high-quality aerial footage.


• 30 Minute Flight Time :The drone can fly for up to 30 minutes on a single charge, allowing for longer flights and more time in the air.


Product information

Model: S29

Colors: gradient

Size: 32.5 * 24.5 * 5cm (unfolded size) 17 * 13 * 5cm (folded size)

Camera: dual camera

Material: Plastic

Packaging: Color box

Weight: 400G

Usage scenarios: indoor and outdoor

Battery life: 12 minutes

Charging time: 120 minutes



1: Folding arms, small size, easy to carry.

2: The UAV has the function of constant altitude maintenance mode, infrared four-sided induction obstacle avoidance, optical flow double lens positioning, and stable flight.

3: In headless mode, there is no need to distinguish the direction of the fuselage.

4: With the one click back function, you can easily find the way home.

5: Built in HD pixel HD camera, it can capture amazing pictures and videos from the sky.

6: With WiFi function, it can connect applications and APK systems, and take photos, take pictures, and transmit real-time images through mobile phones.

7: 2.4GHz anti-interference technology.

8: Four channels, which can rise, fall, forward, backward, left flight, right flight and roll.

9: Six axis gyroscope makes flight more stable and control more convenient.

10: LED lights make flying more spectacular, especially in the dark.

Functions: up / down / front / back / left / right turn, lateral flight, LED light, headless mode, one key automatic return, altitude holding mode, WiFi FPV (dual lens with dual lens switching function)



Understanding relevant regulations: Before using toy drones, it is necessary
to understand the relevant regulations of the location and comply with local
drone flight regulations.


Safe flight: Before flying, ensure the safety of the flight environment
and stay away from obstacles such as crowds,buildings, and high-voltage lines.


Familiarize yourself with control methods: Before use, carefully read the
product manual and familiarize yourself with the control and operation
methods of drones.


Pay attention to battery level: During flight, pay attention to the drone’s
battery level, return to charging in a timely manner, and avoid the drone
crashing due to battery depletion.


Avoiding interference: During flight, it is necessary to avoid colliding with
other drones or signal interference sources or being interfered with, resulting
in flight loss of control.


Flight altitude: During flight, pay attention to the flight altitude of the drone
to avoid affecting others’ normal activities or exceeding the legal range of
flight altitude.


Additional information

Video Maximum Resolution[Pixel X Pixel]



Camera Drone

Aircraf Operating Frequency





APP Controller

Flight Time


Sensor Size

1/8.0 inches

Camera Integration

Camera Included

Camera Features

720p HD Video Recording

Aerial Photography



Mainland China


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