Denies Involvement In Withdrawal Of $6m From CBN 

scandalous withdrawal of $6m from CBN

Boss Mustapha, former secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), says he is not part of the alleged withdrawal of over $6 million from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

His statement comes on the heels of the report of the special panel tasked with probing the CBN.

The report disclosed that the money withdrawn from the foreign payments office, Abuja branch of the CBN, was “purportedly for foreign election observer missions.”

 The panel, chaired by Jim Obazee, the special investigator who was appointed by President Bola Tinubu, probed the activities of the apex bank under Godwin Emefiele.  


The panel said the “unlawful removal” was captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV), “which was viewed and preserved.”

The report said a letter, dated January 23, 2023, with the signature of former President Muhammadu Buhari, was sent to Mustapha with the caption ‘Presidential Directive on Foreign Election Observer Missions’.

The panel said it was later found that “Buhari’s signature appeared to have been forged.”



Reacting to the report on Sunday, Mustapha said he was not familiar with the case.

“I have no knowledge of such a directive, nor was I ever involved in any discussions or transactions regarding the alleged payment to foreign election observers,” he said.

He added that the allegation was a malicious ploy to damage his reputation.


“The article hinges on the dubious premise of forged documents and a misleading narrative,” Mustapha said.

“It claims that $6.3 million was withdrawn from the CBN vaults based on a purported ‘Presidential Directive’ bearing the signature of President Buhari. This document, unsurprisingly, has not been presented for public scrutiny.

“I demand a thorough and transparent investigation into this matter.

“Let the appropriate authorities investigate where these falsified documents came from and bring those behind this nefarious attempt to harm my reputation to light.

“Any legitimate investigation that reveals the truth is welcome, and I have nothing to hide.”

According to the former SGF, he would fiercely protect his reputation.


“I have consistently upheld the greatest standards of integrity and ethical conduct throughout my career in public service. I have served with dedication and transparency, and my record speaks for itself,” he added.

“I refuse to remain silent in the face of this vile and slanderous assault. I will defend my reputation vigorously and ensure that the truth prevails.

“This is about preserving the honor of those who have bravely served our nation, not just about me. It is about protecting the integrity of public service.

“This coordinated attack is a desperate attempt to silence a voice of reason and integrity, and I trust the Nigerian people will see through it.”

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